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    Pest control and cleaning services are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy living and working environment. If you are dealing with a pest infestation or simply need a deep cleaning of your space, Western Pest Control and Cleaning Services can provide you with the most effective solutions.

    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified
    High-Quality Certified

    The Ultimate Pest Control and Cleaning Services for your Premises

    Western Pest Control, the best pest control company in the UAE, started its journey in 2013 in Abu Dhabi. Within a short span of time, WPCC has been able to create a space for itself inside and outside the industry by providing the finest services to its clients.

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    Anti termite
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    Water Tank Cleaning
    Cleaning Services
    Cleaning Services
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    Kitchen Duct Cleaning
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    Office Boy Deployment
    Pest Control​
    Pest Control
    Anti termite​
    Anti termite
    Water Tank Cleaning​
    Water Tank Cleaning
    Cleaning Services
    Cleaning Services
    Kitchen Duct Cleaning​
    Kitchen Duct Cleaning
    Office Boy Deployment​
    Office Boy Deployment

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    Western Pest Control Services makes sure to provide its clients with the best pest management and deep cleaning services for their homes, offices, schools, camps, and other industrial and commercial places they value the most. By implementing cutting-edge and proven methods, they deliver top-notch services of superior quality.

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    Customer Review

    Shibil apShibil ap
    21:11 21 Oct 23
    Highly recommended for their pest control service. I was having bed bug issues in my room. I called them and they suggested to move out on the weekend and they were on time and cleared my problem. Im satisfied
    Krishna DasKrishna Das
    14:12 20 Sep 23
    Nice service..
    Haza AlfaHaza Alfa
    19:51 05 Sep 23
    Best company in town , I try to make place and do good work thank you team
    sarfaraj Ahmadsarfaraj Ahmad
    12:16 04 Sep 23
    I highly recommend Western Pest control & Cleaning Company for any business looking to hire reliable office support. They provide us an outstanding house keeping staff and we couldn't be happier with the service they delivered.
    Ms ChanelMs Chanel
    19:47 20 Aug 23
    Dealing with bed bug infestation was stressing us out, but the boys made the process much smoother. They arrived on time and worked tirelessly, used safe and effective methods for extermination, and we were able to see immediate results.
    Raihana MobileRaihana Mobile
    16:08 20 Aug 23
    We recently rented an apartment and moved in, but unfortunately, there were severe cockroach issues and it was a shock to us. Thankfully, we found Western Pest Control and they were a lifesaver! The technicians made us feel at ease throughout the process. They even provided helpful tips to prevent future roach encounters. We are grateful for their expertise and prompt service.
    13:12 25 Jul 23
    We were very satisfied with the service. Administrator responded straight ahead and provided meaningful advice. Service person arrived next day on time and did full service as required.
    yousaf famonyousaf famon
    12:50 25 Jul 23
    I would not hesitate for a second to recommend this team at any time to anyone. We had hired them due to a severe rodent infestation In our apartment but now at this point we had no further signs of the rats or the horrible smell in our kitchen hopefully the problem. Solved for good

    One call two solutions - Pest Control & Cleaning Service

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    Recent Blogs

    By Pes admin - April 8, 2024

    Eid al-Fitr is a time of joy and celebration, a time for family and friends to come together. As you prepare for this special occasion, it’s important to ensure that your home is clean, comfortable, and free from pests.

    At Western Pest Control and Cleaning Services, we understand the significance of Eid and the importance of a clean and pest-free environment for your celebrations. Our professional cleaning and pest control services in Abu Dhabi are designed to help you prepare your home for Eid, allowing you to focus on enjoying the festivities with your loved ones.

    Professional Cleaning Services

    Our team of experienced cleaners is dedicated to providing high-quality cleaning services designed to your specific needs. Whether you require a one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning services, we have the expertise and resources to ensure that your home is spotless for Eid. From dusting and vacuuming to mopping and sanitizing, we pay attention to every detail to leave your home looking and feeling fresh.

    Pest Control Services

    Pests can quickly become a nuisance, especially during the warmer months in Abu Dhabi. Our pest control experts are trained to identify and eliminate common pests such as ants, cockroaches, and flies, using safe and effective methods. We understand the importance of maintaining a hygienic environment, and our goal is to ensure that your home is free from pests for a comfortable and enjoyable Eid celebration.

    Why Choose Us?

    Experienced and professional team: Our team consists of skilled professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service.

    Safe and effective cleaning and pest control methods: We use environmentally friendly products and methods that are safe for your family and pets.

    Affordable rates: We offer competitive rates for our services, ensuring that you receive value for your money.

    Convenient scheduling options: We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs.

    Satisfaction guaranteed: We take pride in our work and strive to exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied with our services, we’ll make it right.

    Get Ready for Eid with Us

    This Eid, let us help you prepare your home for the festivities. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning and pest control services, and enjoy a clean and pest-free home this Eid al-Fitr. Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Eid!

    By Pes admin - April 4, 2024

    Cockroaches – the mere mention of the word is enough to send shivers down the spine of many of us. These pesky pests are not only unsightly but also pose serious health risks. From contaminating food to triggering allergies, cockroaches can wreak havoc in any household. But fear not! With the right approach, you can bid farewell to these unwanted guests for good. In this guide, we’ll walk you through five easy steps to eliminate cockroaches from your home, brought to you by Western Pest Control & Cleaning Services Abu Dhabi.

    Step 1: Seal Entry Points

    The first step in cockroach prevention is to seal off any entry points that these pests might use to infiltrate your home. Common entry points include cracks in walls, gaps around doors and windows, and holes in screens. Carefully look around your home and seal off any potential entry points using caulk or weather stripping. This simple step can go a long way in keeping cockroaches at bay.

    Step 2: Keep Your Home Clean

    Cockroaches are attracted to food residue and crumbs, so keeping your home clean is essential in preventing infestations. Make sure to clean up spills promptly, wipe down countertops regularly, and sweep or vacuum floors frequently. Pay special attention to areas like the kitchen and bathroom, as these are prime spots for cockroaches to find food and water.

    Step 3: Eliminate Sources of Water

    In addition to food, cockroaches also need water to survive. Therefore, it’s crucial to eliminate any sources of standing water in your home. Fix leaky faucets, dry up any wet areas, and empty pet water bowls overnight. By depriving cockroaches of water, you can make your home less hospitable to these pests.

    Step 4: Use Cockroach Baits and Traps

    For existing infestations, cockroach baits and traps can be highly effective in reducing their numbers. Place baits and traps in areas where cockroaches are likely to hide, such as behind appliances and under sinks. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for best results. Additionally, consider using non-toxic options if you have pets or small children in the home.

    Step 5: Seek Professional Help

    If cockroach infestations persist despite your best efforts, it may be time to seek professional help. Pest control experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to eradicate cockroaches safely and effectively. They can also provide valuable advice on preventing future infestations, giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is cockroach-free.

    Cockroaches may be resilient pests, but they are no match for a well-executed pest control strategy. By following these five easy steps, you can say goodbye to cockroaches and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home. Remember, prevention is key, so be proactive in keeping your home clean and sealed from potential entry points. And if all else fails, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a professional pest control service. Say goodbye to cockroaches and hello to a pest-free home today!

    By Pes admin - March 25, 2024

    Cleanliness not only enhances the aesthetics of the workspace but also plays a vital role in boosting productivity. It fosters a positive first impression for clients and visitors, and it also contributes to the well-being of your employees. Let’s delve into the array of office cleaning services available and how they can benefit your business.

    Cleaning Solutions for Businesses

    Every business has its own unique cleaning requirements based on factors such as industry standards, foot traffic, and specific focus areas. Professional cleaning companies in Abu Dhabi understand these distinct needs and offer customized solutions to address them effectively.

    Whether you work in the corporate sector, healthcare industry, or hospitality realm, you can benefit from customized cleaning plans designed to optimize cleanliness while minimizing disruption to your daily operations. From daily maintenance cleaning to specialized services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, professional cleaners have the expertise and resources to keep your workspace immaculate.

    In addition to routine cleaning tasks, professional cleaning companies offer a range of specialized services to address specific challenges faced by businesses in Abu Dhabi. These may include:

    Deep Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and high-touch surfaces to eliminate dirt, dust, and bacteria.

    Disinfection Services: Utilization of hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitization techniques to reduce the risk of illness transmission.

    Green Cleaning: Environmentally friendly cleaning practices that prioritize sustainability and health without compromising on effectiveness.

    Post-Construction Cleaning: Removal of debris and dust following renovation or construction projects to restore the workspace to its pristine condition.

    Benefits of Outsourcing Cleaning Services

    Outsourcing office cleaning services offers numerous advantages for businesses in Abu Dhabi, allowing them to focus on their core operations while leaving the cleaning tasks to trained professionals. Some key benefits include:

    Expertise and Efficiency: Professional cleaners possess the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to deliver superior results in a timely manner, ensuring optimal cleanliness with minimal disruption.

    Consistency: With a contracted cleaning service, you can establish a regular cleaning schedule tailored to your needs, ensuring that your office remains consistently clean and inviting.

    Health and Safety Compliance: Professional cleaners adhere to industry standards and regulations, employing safe cleaning practices and using appropriate cleaning products to maintain a healthy workplace environment.

    Efficient Office Cleaning Services for Your Business in Abu Dhabi

    With the hustle and bustle of daily business activities, maintaining a clean and organized office space often takes a back seat. However, neglecting cleanliness can harm employee health, morale, and overall productivity. Western Pest Control and Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi is your ultimate solution for all cleaning and pest control requirements. By partnering with us, you’re not just hiring a service; you’re welcoming peace of mind and assurance into your space.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How frequently should office cleaning be scheduled?

    The frequency of office cleaning depends on various factors such as the size of the office, the number of employees, and specific cleaning requirements. Most businesses opt for daily or weekly cleaning services to maintain optimal cleanliness.

    Are professional cleaning services environmentally friendly?

    Many professional cleaning companies offer green cleaning options that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendliness. These services utilize environmentally safe cleaning products and practices to minimize environmental impact.

    Can cleaning services be customized to fit my business schedule?

    Yes, professional cleaning companies understand that businesses have unique scheduling needs. They can work with you to create a cleaning schedule that minimizes disruption to your operations, whether it’s during or after business hours

    What safety measures do professional cleaners follow?

    Professional cleaners undergo rigorous training on safety protocols and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling cleaning chemicals. They also follow industry best practices to ensure the safety of both employees and clients.

    Can professional cleaners handle specialized cleaning tasks?

    Yes, professional cleaning companies offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, and post-construction cleanup. They have the expertise and equipment to tackle various cleaning challenges effectively.

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